Getting To Grips With Essential Car Maintenance
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Getting To Grips With Essential Car Maintenance

When I got my first car twenty years ago, I was clueless when it came to maintaining it and keeping it in a roadworthy condition. As a result, I had to pay for costly repairs that could have been avoided if the car had been looked after better. I learned my lesson and started reading everything I could about basic car maintenance. I started this blog to share what I've learned in the hopes it will save other new drivers making costly mistakes. I blog about a variety of topics, such as troubleshooting uneven tyre wear, the benefits of regular servicing and maintaining your car during the winter months. I hope you find my blog useful.


Getting To Grips With Essential Car Maintenance

  • Tyre Rotation: Understanding Ideal Patterns for Different Vehicles

    27 January 2017

    Vehicle tyres are designed and manufactured to provide good and long-term service on the road. However, if they are neglected after installation, they will wear out and fail prematurely. Consequently, you will have to replace these critical auto modules frequently, and the subsequent costs will be unnecessary and overwhelming. You can avoid the inconvenience and expenses of premature wear by performing tyre rotation. This is a maintenance practice which involves moving your vehicle's wheels and tyres to a new position periodically.

  • Winterising Your Car's Diesel Engine: Some Common Diesel Engine Issues and How to Overcome Them

    4 November 2016

    One of the biggest decisions you will need to make when purchasing a car is whether you should go for a vehicle with a gasoline or diesel engine. While the engine's general makeup is virtually the same for both car diesels and gasolines, cars with diesel engines generally attract higher prices than gasolines. This is because car diesels are generally cheaper to use over the long term. But before you can rush to buy a diesel car, you should first get acquainted with some challenges you may encounter when using the car.

  • Are Luxury Cars Really Worth Their Price?

    12 August 2016

    Some people who may be planning to buy luxury cars for the first time may not be sure whether those cars will be worth the investment. This article discusses some of the reasons why a luxury car may be worth every penny that you spend to buy it. Superior Handling One of the things that luxury cars are known for is the high speeds at which they can be driven. Such high speeds require the vehicle to have superior systems to prevent it from overturning in challenging situations, such as when taking turns at high speed.

  • Signs of Damaged Brake Pads That You Should Not Ignore

    12 July 2016

    Most motorists know the importance of driving with brakes that are in good condition for their safety. However, some motorists make the mistake of ignoring signs of impending brake repairs, not realising their significance. Not having weird sounds and vibrations checked out could lead to larger problems with your vehicle that will eventually affect your wheels and tyres too. Therefore, it is prudent to know what to look for so as to identify that you will be requiring brake repairs.

  • Transmission Repairs | 4 Warning Signs That Your Manual Transmission Clutch Needs Repair

    25 May 2016

    The clutch is one of the key components of your manual transmission car, so you'll naturally want to ensure that it is well maintained for its smooth running. If something goes wrong with any component of the transmission system, then you may need transmission repairs based on the problem. Here are some warning signs that your clutch may need repair instantly or during transmission service.   Burning Smell Emitted From The Clutch