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Getting To Grips With Essential Car Maintenance

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Getting To Grips With Essential Car Maintenance

2015 Subaru Outback: The Wagon Worthy Of An Off-Road Challenge

Reginald Fox

According to one of the most trusted car review magazines, the Kelley Blue Book, the 2015 Subaru Outback has a barrage of features that make it as off-road worthy as any of its predecessors. Though essentially a crossover, the 2015 Outback wagon is just as handy off the road as it is on the asphalt. And here's why:

Drive & stability

Off the road, the all-wheel drive feature on the 2015 Subaru Outback comes into full effect, separating it from other crossover models that are either front or rear wheel driven. The model also has a special 'X-Mode' feature that accentuates its ABS braking function. This special feature, which you can only find in newer Subarus, maximizes traction even at low speeds and on tricky terrains. The double wishbone suspension, in turn, makes bumpy rides easy to glide past. Last but not least, there's the hill-descent control feature, which, when activated, will allow you to maneuver past steep slopes without losing control of the car.

Ground Clearance

The 2015 Outback has a 213mm (8.7in.) ground clearance which Cars Guide agrees is quite impressive for a car that belongs in the 'soft-roader' category. With that much space between the car's underbelly and the road, one can maneuver past bumpy stretches without too much fuss. As a result of this clearance space, the model has a slightly raised seating position which eases the driver's visibility all round; a nice addition when driving off-road.

Of course, being a wagon, the Outback still doesn't compare to other off-road trucks in terms of ground clearance.

Space & cargo

The 2015 Subaru Outback has a lot room for the entire family and any cargo you need for a road trip or a camping escapade. When fully packed with 5 passengers, the wagon still manages to spare 35.5 cubic feet of space. If you fold the rear seats, that space extends to 73.3 cubic feet. Not bad all for a crossover.

Towing capacity

Although a station wagon is not the most ideal towing vehicle, the 2015 Outback can manage to tow medium loads, if need be. The standard trim can haul 2,700 pounds of weight. This means you can tow motorcycles, bikes or a small trailer/camper. If you need more power, you can purchase the 3.6 litre trim which has a little more torque and horsepower.

Fuel consumption

According to the manufacturer, the 2015 Subaru Outback consumes 33mpg on the freeway and 25mpg in busy city conditions. This means that even when fully loaded for that off-road trip, you can still expect a fairly low fuel budget at the gas station. And in case you just are wandering about the country-side, running out of gas won't be an issue you'll need to worry about.

No one buys a crossover wagon for off-road travels. However, the 2015 Subaru Outback gives you the opportunity to enjoy both sides of the terrain.