Getting To Grips With Essential Car Maintenance
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Getting To Grips With Essential Car Maintenance

When I got my first car twenty years ago, I was clueless when it came to maintaining it and keeping it in a roadworthy condition. As a result, I had to pay for costly repairs that could have been avoided if the car had been looked after better. I learned my lesson and started reading everything I could about basic car maintenance. I started this blog to share what I've learned in the hopes it will save other new drivers making costly mistakes. I blog about a variety of topics, such as troubleshooting uneven tyre wear, the benefits of regular servicing and maintaining your car during the winter months. I hope you find my blog useful.


Getting To Grips With Essential Car Maintenance

Types of Boat Trailers

Reginald Fox

A boat can be used in rivers, lakes and bays, but transporting your boat to these bodies of water requires the use of a boat trailer. The boat trailer can be attached to a vehicle with high levels of performance that is up to the task of hauling a boat. When you decide that it is time to haul your boat to the nearest river or lake, you need to consider the different types of boat trailers that are available.

Bunk Trailer

This is one of the most commonly used types of trailers and a favourite among boat owners. The design of this type is complete with two bunks that are also similar to boards. These bunks are on either side in order to offer optimal support to the center portion of the boat. It is normal for the bunks to be fitted with lining made of fabric to keep the boat from being scratched when it is loaded or unloaded from the trailer. The fabric will start to wear over time and will need to be replaced long before the actual trailer.


This is a type of trailer that is known as a bunk trailer by design, but it can only be loaded and unloaded from the trailer when the bunk trailer is submerged under the water. This means that float-on trailers are not quite as popular as other options. It can make loading and unloading boats more time consuming to have the trailer submerged in water. In order to use this type of trailer without issue, you need to know about ramp and depth conditions and also keep rocks and other debris away from the trailer.

Roller Trailer

This is a type of trailer that is designed with rollers on each side that are made from plastic or rubber. The rollers help to support the weight of the boat and disperse it evenly. The roller design can make it easier for the boat to be loaded and unloaded from the trailer. Boat owners that are transporting their boats most often will invest in a roller trailer that makes things much simpler. The pivoting wheels make sliding the boat off the trailer less of a chore and require the effort of less people.

Keel Roller

This is another type of trailer with a roller design, but the rollers are placed at the center to give support to the keel of the boat primarily. This is just slightly different from a rib roller that supports the rib of the boat with rollers positioned in this region.

For more information and options, talk with a boat trailer salesperson, such as those at Transtyle Trailers.